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Summer  is right around the corner and we wanted to share our top three favorite self tanners with you, along with some tips on how to maintain a natural looking, all over color. Here are the three we have been loving!   


     #1 Loving Tan
 This tanning mousse is such good quality and easy to use. It doesn’t leave your skin spotty and it’s made from natural ingredients which help maintain a longer, lasting color: 
                                                                       #2  St. Tropez.
This brand is super popular and has a huge variety of products, including items to help maintain your color. It also carries a vegan line!
#3 Bali Body. (
Known for their Suncare products, Bali Body, by far has the best smelling products..and they really work.
  • Give yourself enough time to apply tanner 
  • Get all needed supplies ready (mitt, body brush or something to apply tanner to your back, 
  • Pamper yourself; shave, exfoliate and moisturize about 24 hours before applying
  • Have a full body mirror and good lighting

  • Make sure to lift your arms up and ensure entire body is covered
  • Use a fan to speed up drying process
  • Avoid using soap to rinse
  • Wear loose fitting clothes
  • Apply tanner in a circular motion
  • Lightly go over elbows, knees, and hands
  • Use a face tan water and avoid apply tanner/mousse to face
  • Use a daily moisturizer. Jergen’s Daily Glow is a great option to help prolong tan
  • If you happen to get streaks, use a bronzer of some sort to help fill them in
  • Sweating (haha) and pools with chlorine should be avoided if possible.
  Before & After using Bali Body Bronzing Mousse
       (bottoms are Gold Elite Elite Swim)

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May 17, 2020

What is a good “tanning water” for face? And, how do you apply to your back if you don’t have someone around to help you?

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