Ways to Keep Organized and Make the Most Out of Your Day

Ways to Keep Organized and Make the Most Out of Your Day

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Sometimes it can be hard to stay organized throughout the day. We can get caught up with many so things that we keep putting tasks off until "later" and find ourselves losing track of time and not accomplishing what we had planned. So a goal this year was to get more organized while avoiding spending a bunch of money. Here are a few things that I have implemented in my day to help keep me on track and get my tasks completed. 


                                             1. Planner or Notebook (Write Down Everything)

Having a notebook or planner or both (which ever style works best for you) can be very helpful in planning out your day. You can write down a to do listof things to be done for the day, take notes, as well as write down your thoughts. What makes this so fun is you can be creative and make it cute! What I love most about having a planner and a notebook is that I always have something to reference. When you are making an important call you can note who you talk to on what date and what information was provided. Keeping track of important information throughout the day can help keep you organized and focused on what needs to be done. 


  2. Create a Schedule

This goes along with keeping a planner/notebook. If you create yourself a schedule and follow it, you will find your days more organized and functional. This doesn't mean you have to plan out every minute of your day; just  keep a conscious mind about what you are spending your time on. And if you want to make the most out of your day, keeping yourself on a schedule will help you be more productive and the energy just flows better. This works especially well if you have children! Keeping them on a daily schedule will make them more comfortable and give you not only peace of mind and reduce a lot of stress, but, you will find yourself more organized. I created a schedule for myself and my daughter, made them cute and laminated so I could hang it up. 


3. Plan Social Media Time

This is so important! Social media has taken over the world and if you have ever payed attention to your screen time, you would be surprised to see how much time you actually spend on your phone. I found myself habitually checking it about every thirty minutes and was in total shock to see how much time I was actually spending on social media. So I created a schedule to help manage my screen time and sticking to it has been so refreshing! I give myself 30 minutes every 2-3 hours to get on my phone and do what I need to do. Once the 30 minutes is up, I set it down and won't check it again for another 2-3 hours. This will prevent a lot of waisted time and can also help reduce headaches. 


4. Clean as You Go

Cleaning up as you go throughout the day can save you so much time and keep you on track. I have found that saving my cleaning tasks until the end of the day takes so much extra time of mine and causes me stress because at the end of the day, instead of being able to wind down, there is still so much cleaning up to do. So a few simple ways you can avoid this is to clean up as you cook (put things away while your food is cooking), keep a single spot for your make up and hair products and as soon as you are done getting ready, put things away, keep laundry baskets in your bathrooms and bedrooms so you can put your clothes and towels in them right when you take them off. Another really helpful tool that I find myself using all day is placing a cute basket/bin in my living room that I put items that are around my house in and throughout the day I can just pick it up and easily go put them where they go. This method has saved so much time! 


5. Declutter Your Space 

Having access to purchase anything you want at anytime of the day has caused us to shop out of boredom and accumulate hoards of unnecessary things. When your space is cluttered and you have so much going on, you tend to lose focus and your brain becomes scattered. Some good advice that was given to me and that I have implemented these last couple of weeks is to de-clutter my entire house. If you have ever read a tidying up book, they teach you how to only keep what you need and free up space. You may ask, how does throwing away my stuff help me stay organized throughout the day, let me share with you why. I recently cleaned out every cupboard, closet and drawer in my house and donated/trashed anything that I haven't used in the last week such as: more than half of my Starbucks cups, food, old make up, lotions and sprays, clothes, jewelry shoes, etc... Anything and everything that doesn't serve a purpose at least once during my week and it has been life changing. You would be surprised at how much stuff gets lost in the back of places! This has helped give me a fresh start and makes it much easier to find things throughout the day and just gives you an overall good feeling. 



Staying organized can dwindle throughout the week, especially if you don't have a system. Keeping a planner or notebook and creating a schedule, gives you something to physically look at throughout the day as a reminder of what needs to get done. Making sure to clean up after yourself as you go on throughout your day limits waisting time at night doing it and limiting your time on social media frees up so much more time then you realize. Lastly, decluttering your space will make you feel so refreshed and it will keep you motivated and organized. Implementing these methods to your day will help make the most of your time and hopefully help relieve extra stress. 



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