7 Benefits of Exercise That Have Nothing to Do with Weight

7 Benefits of Exercise That Have Nothing to Do with Weight

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There are so many amazing benefits of exercise. It can be a release from the day, a way to blow off steam, or even a moment to connect with yourself.


Many people think that the only reason to work out is to shed pounds, but there are so many amazing benefits of exercise that have nothing to do with the scale.


At Gold Elite, we believe that working out can be empowering at any size or shape. That’s why we want to share some amazing bonuses that come from your workouts.


Keep reading to learn more about 7 unexpected benefits of breaking a sweat!  


7 Unexpected Benefits of Exercise


You’ll Feel Less Stressed

Benefits of Exercise That Have Nothing to Do with Weight: woman on yoga mat performs peaceful warrior pose.

Working out is a natural stress buster. So go ahead, book that lunchtime yoga class.


If that one coworker is bugging you or your kids are driving you crazy, hitting the gym can help you destress.


Managing stress is something that we can all relate to when it comes to living in the modern world. Luckily, exercise is proven to decrease the symptoms of stress that we feel – both in our body and our mind.


Physical activity can boost feel-good neurotransmitters that can improve mood, boost alertness, and dampen your fight-or-flight response. Also, a survey published in the journal Human Resource Managementfound that people who exercised on a regular basis felt more confident about balance their work and home life.


Your Skin Will Glow

Benefits of Exercise That Have Nothing to Do with the Scale: woman with her hands gently to her face smiles at the camera.

A surprising side effect of your daily sweat sesh? A glowing complexion!


That $250 moisturizer in your Sephora cart has got nothing on that post-spin-class glow.


Working out is a great way to improve your complexion and glow from the inside out. Getting your heart pumping improves blood flow to your skin, which delivers vital nutrients that improve your complexion.


Regular exercise can even help your skin look younger. The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine conducted a study that found that people who exercised frequently in their 40’s had complexions similar to people in their 30’s and 20’s.


You Could Get a Pay Raise

7 Benefits of Exercise That Have Nothing to Do with Weight: Woman sits at a desk in front of a window and looks at her computer monitor

Your pre-work gym session does more than just wake you up for the day. It can actually boost your paycheck.


Yes, really. Your gym session can actually help you earn more in the long run.


If you think about it, it’s not all that surprising that having an established exercise routine is linked to higher earners. Working out regularly requires dedication, time management, and perseverance – all attributes that will help you in the workplace!


In a fascinating study, the Journal of Labor Research found that employees who exercised regularly earned 9% more than their sedentary coworkers. Additionally, research shows that exercisers are more productive than non-exercisers.


You’ll Boost Creativity

According to research, exercise helps you form new ideas and even create new brain cells.


If quarantine inspired you to pick up a creative hobby, like painting or sewing, working out will help you stick with it!


In a fascinating study, author and neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki found that exercise causes the brain undergo fascinating changes that help improve focus, form new ideas, and even grow new brain cells. Specifically, cardio was found to initiate these changes, so this is your sign to not skip cardio days.


You’ll Be Happier

7 benefits of working out: woman smiles broadly against a bright yellow background.

Need a little more of the good stuff in life? Grab a friend and hit the gym!


Did you know that people who work out are happier than those who don’t? It’s true!


We’ve all seen Legally Blonde, but we’ll refresh your memory. Exercise produces endorphins that promote feelings of happiness and euphoria. Endorphins can also dampen your body’s stress response, which can often feel like a barrier to happiness.


Also, working out as little as 30 minutes per day is known to help stave off depression and anxiety. Exercise has proven to be as effective as antidepressant medication in treating major depression, and it can increase remission by 22% if you keep it up regularly.


Your Memory Will Improve

7 benefits of exercise: colleagues laugh while sitting around a table

No more missed deadlines. Working out can help improve your long-term memory.


If you’re always struggling to remember that one neighbor’s name, you may benefit from a quick lap around the block.


One of the most amazing effects that exercise has on the brain is in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is responsible for memory and learning, and breaking a sweat increases the production of cells in the hippocampus. This means that your workout is literally boosting your brain power!


In a 2006 study, healthy adults were able to retain more vocabulary words after completing a series of sprints. In another study, subjects who performed light exercise immediately before memory tests performed better than those who were sedentary.


You’ll Inspire Others

7 benefits of exercise: two women hug each other while sitting on yoga mats.

We think you're an inspiration for sticking to your workout goals, and you friends and family agree! 


All that hard work that you’re putting in at the gym isn’t going unnoticed. Your workout journey is inspiring those around you!


The Kohler effect is a phenomenon where people perform tasks better when they are in a group. For example, have you noticed that you work out harder when you’re with your super-fit friend than when you’re alone? That’s the Kohler effect in action. More than likely, you’re inspiring those around you too!


It’s also important to receive support and motivation from your support group. Research has shown that people who receive social support from their peers, friends, and family are more likely to stick to an exercise routine.


We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite non-aesthetic benefit of working out? Let us know in the comments below or on our Instagram at @goldeliteapparel!

Miranda Risser is a freelance health & fitness writer based in South Carolina. When she’s not writing, Miranda can be found chipping away at her to-be-read pile, testing out new recipes, or logging miles with her two mini Australian Shepherds.

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