Influencer Advice - How to Build Relationships with Brands and Maintain Them

Influencer Advice - How to Build Relationships with Brands and Maintain Them

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Are you a new influencer looking to build relationships with brands? Want to become valuable in the influencer world?  We have some great advice to help you build your personal brand as an influencer and become successful when reaching out to companies.





Research the brand you would like to work with.  Make sure the company has a vibe that is a good fit for you and that you love their product(s)!  


When you first reach out to a company, make sure you provide the following information: 


  • Instagram handles (social media information).
  • Direct link to your page(s) 
  • Your willingness to work for trade or commission
  • Always provide an email address
  • Providing a PR package up front is very helpful as it allows expectations to be set right away, this includes analytics, pricing, & engagement rates.




Brands receive the most value from brand awareness & content creation.  A few things companies look at when looking for an influencer to represent their brand are qualities such as: 


  • ENGAGEMENT: A company will look at your followers, then your likes, then your comments.  They will analyze if you respond to your comments and are engaged with your audience.  They want to see followers who are engaging with you and loving your content.  Your engagement is more important than your total number of followers.
  • FOLLOWERS: A company will also look at the demographics of who is following you to see if you are reaching their target market, and they will notice if you are using fake followers (fake followers is a bad look and easy to detect by clicking on a post and seeing who is liking your posts)
  • CONSISTENCY: How often you post about the product (usually sends a message of how you feel about the product) 
  • QUALITY CONTENT: The quality of content you post (we will talk about next)



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Picture & video quality is one of the biggest assets an influencer can have because it is what represents both of our brands! We have some do’s and don'ts for you when making content for companies.


 Influencer Advice Do…


  • QUALITY PICTURES & VIDEOS:  Take several professional pictures and/or videos with logo showing.  If you do not have a professional photographer, you can use your phone and presets in Adobe Lightroom to edit.  (Tip: Natural indirect sunlight from a window makes for good lighting.)
  • STYLE YOUR PAGE:  Make sure the style & lighting flows with your page as well as the company's content.
  • SHARABLE & SAVABLE CONTENT: Provide good shareable & savable content, something that the company can share.  It will also increase your engagement. 
  • PERMISSIONS:  Give permission to use content and let the company know who they need to tag as photographer.
  • TELL WHY YOU LOVE THE PRODUCT: Post the outfit and make sure to talk about what you love about the product! For example: if you love Gold Elite leggings because there is no front seam, mention that in your story or post.
  • TAG THE COMPANY! Don't forget to tag the company to send your followers to their page.  Also, share a discount code with your followers, and if you don't have one then ask the brand for one. This helps create more value for your followers and the brand. 


 Influencer Advice Don’t….


  • Don’t provide pictures with the phone covering your face or a mirror selfie.  (Tip: You can use a tripod for pictures if you are alone.)
  • Don’t use filters that alter the color of the products.
  • No other brands in the pictures! This is a big NO!  Companies can’t share content if you are wearing competing brands. 
  • Don’t just post pictures of the packaging or the product displayed on a bed, etc.  It provides value to the brand when you put it on and show it off! 





  When working with brands, you want to show your followers and the brand why you really love the product. 

  • SHARE CONSISTENTLY:  Share the product multiple times. If your followers see you sharing a brand repeatedly it will build brand awareness in their mind.  This is especially important for newer brands who might be new to your followers.  If the company sees you constantly wearing their brand it creates more value for them as well. They are going to want to work with you more because you are offering them more value by helping to build their brand awareness.  
  • TIMELY:  Provide content in a timely manner. Try to post or create content within one to two weeks of receiving a package. If you are delayed, let a brand know your schedule so they don't think you forgot about them.  They will appreciate the extra communication.  
  • COLLAB ON TRIPS OR PHOTOSHOOTS:  If you have a big photoshoot or trip coming up, and you want to shoot in a brand's product, reach out and let the brand know! Brands love useful content!
  • KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL:  Make sure you stay professional and keep your content looking professional. 
  • Make sure to talk about what you love about the product! For example, if you love Gold Elite leggings because they are squat proof, mention that in your story or post.  The best story posts are of influencers talking about the features they love of our products.  Not just saying how cute it is, but the features that add value to them compared to other items. 



Being an influencer isn’t just about posting photos, but really engaging with your audience and providing them with information and quality posts. You want to make sure your content is always consistent and provides value. Make sure you are reposting multiple times and tag the company!  It gives you a great reputation if you maintain a professional page and provide quality content.



Instagram & other social media algorithms like to promote new features.  Study and research what features help improve your engagement.  For example, currently Instagram gives more views & increases engagement with their NEW feature Reels.  They also give more value to saves, then share, then comments, and then likes.  New Instagram story features and stickers also help you show up first.  Know your social media platform and ways to increase your engagement!  It is always changing so try new things and innovate with it!




Maintaining communication is key to building relationships with brands. If you would like to work again with a brand let them know!  Brands love working on repeat collaborations with influencers who create value for them!  Whether that value comes from content creation or brand awareness.  


We hope to see you incorporate our influencer advice into your portfolio and let us know how it has impacted you!


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