10 Affordable Gift Ideas!

10 Affordable Gift Ideas!

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It's that time of year for giving and we are so excited to share some of our gift ideas to help make your lists shorter and meaningful this year. These ideas can be personalized for each individual whether you are shopping for your siblings, partner, parents or friends.  We want to encourage you to shop local as much as possible and support your small businesses! 


1. Workout Apparel- Of course we were going to recommend workout apparel! Who wouldn't want a cute, new gym outfit to start off their new year goals! We have so many fun colors and our new jogger sets are perfect for this cold, winter weather.  Shop our favorite Black Friday deals and gifts here: https://goldeliteapparel.com/collections/gold-elite-sale

2. Mug & Coffee/Tea- A really cute coffee mug, you can either personalize one or we love our Yeti's (or Zak)! Include a really nice, tasty bag of coffee from a local coffee shop. 

3. Book- You can never go wrong with a really good book. Personalize it based on what you know about the person. If they seem like they need a little motivation, self-building books are always such a good choice. You could also get a cute little notebook with some pens for note taking (include a note from yourself on the first page). 

4. Keychain- I know it seems a little cheesy, but keychains are always a cute idea! You could do something meaningful or symbolic to serve as a daily reminder whenever they leave out the door. 

5. Robe- this is such a great gift to give if you make sure to pick out a robe with nice material. I would definitely recommend silk. 

6. Journal with a nice pen- journaling is something that we strongly believe in here at Gold Elite. It is such a good way to release emotions and keep a log of your life to look back on when you are older. This is such a wonderful gift to give to encourage someone you love to keep a journal. 

7. Gym Gear- gym accessories/equipment is always a great gift idea. You could give a yoga mat, weights, water bottle (hydroflasks are amazing), resistance bands, etc..  A really good personal touch you could add to a gym gift is a list of songs you recommend to a playlist. 

8. Car Cleaning Kit or Gift Card- Everyone cleans their car and those who don't do it themselves, definitely take it to a car wash often. For those, do it yourselfers, get a bucket, sponge, dry cloth, soap, interior detail spray, and an air freshener. If they take their car to a car wash you could get them a gift card to a local place.  

9. House Plant- This is such a fun gift! You can go to your local plant store and pick out a low maintenance plant and create a name card and a card with information on how to care for it. We love our plants and give names to each of them. 

10. Framed Picture- this is something that I know a lot larger families like to do because it is super thoughtful, inexpensive and can become a tradition. Depending on who you are gifting this too, you could include a necklace or a watch to personalize it up a bit.



Gift giving can be a struggle when you are trying to find something perfect and meaningful. We hope our list of ideas makes things a little easier for you this year. Remember to shop local and you can add the smallest touch to make gifts personable and thoughtful. 

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