Ways You Can Motivate Yourself for the New Year

Ways You Can Motivate Yourself for the New Year

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It's no secret that 2020 has been challenging and for some of us it has been difficult to stay positive and motivated. So we thought we would share a few of our favorite daily routines that keep us focused and energized throughout the day and looking forward to the new year. 


  • Start your morning early! Wake up at 6 AM or 7 AM open your windows and drink a glass of water. This will automatically give your body a wake up call and get your organs going. Once you have had your water, you can make your coffee/tea and breakfast. Always go for a balanced meal in the mornings as this is your most important meal. 


  • Exercise and/or stretch! Even if it is for 20 minutes, this will get your adrenaline going and I promise, you will feel great by just getting your body to move. It will also improve body function and can help prevent tight muscles and soreness.


  • Create Goals! Whether they be daily, weekly, or monthly, write down what you want to have accomplished. You can keep a planner, use your phone, or write in a notebook (this can be really motivational because you can organize and design the pages which will automatically make you feel motivated). Write down your ideas, your thoughts, to do lists, etc.. No goal is unrealistic because anything in life is possible if you want it bad enough but try to set easy goals and challenging ones so you can make sure to stay on track. 


  • Keep a positive attitude! Yes, this year has been crazy. Many of us have had to change our daily routines in so many ways. We have all been challenged in one way or the other and our way of living has completely shifted but instead of dwelling on how bad things have been, challenge yourself to focus on the good things. Always focus on the good instead of the bad. When you have a negative thought, replace it with a positive one. Make it a habit to be happy and to be kind. Having a good outlook will always put you in a good mood and heal your soul. 


  • Communicate! Lastly, communication. If there is one thing that I have learned building relationships throughout the years, communication is key. Seriously. No matter what setting you are in, it is so important to know how to talk to people. Learning to read your setting and adjust effectively can help you grow and build relationships. It will also make life so much easy and help you avoid conflict. Talk to people, let them know what is on your mind (obviously in a kind way). 


We all want to begin the first of the year off right and by starting your day off productively, nourishing your mind and body, creating goals, remaining positive and communicating efficiently, you can give yourself a good start. Just remember to take things day by day and do what makes you happy. 

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